Ray Marshall

Ray has enjoyed a varied dj career...now into his 28 year as an active dj we see a new dimension for him, that of producer. over the years the influences of various names like wyrus, kali, massive attack, madness, level 42, fer br, jamie taylor, chris liberator ( a fair few as you might guess), ray felt at 43 he was ready to try his hand at making some of his own music to go along with those of the artists he embraces. Frequently using good driving beats to fuel his mixes, and a refusal to bow to "mainstream" acceptability has kept him in the small but dedicated dance scene for almost 20 years now, and this is really where his heart lays. after asking the right questions to some of the right people, he started out using fl studio 10, and is now getting his head around ableton. due to a working life this kind of inhibits his wanting to produce music, but at least this way he can take his time and try to make a better tune and learn more tricks of the trade as he goes along. Releases So Far.... Jibber Jabber - Judgement Day EP on Keep On Techno Records. Norwood (Tuum Pau' Mo) - Hard Grooves EP On Corrupted Data Speak Techno (Ray Marshall Remix) - Millau On Groove Soldiers Subber (Wyrus & Ray Marshall Remix) - Digital Knecht / Red Section Records Shared EP's With... Wyrus Alexey Kotlyar Niko Vitano Domagoj Radas Mario Montero Thomas Will and more to mention.