Norman Andretti A.K.A. Quarill

My artist name is Norman Andretti also known as Quarill, and I would like to introduce myself as a Techno DJ/producer from Hungary. My very first experience with decks was when I was about 13 years old. At the time my musical taste was effected mostly by harder club styles which were popular back then, such as Hard-house and Hardcore, if you remember the compilations of the famous Thunder- and Terrordomes, then you may know what I`ve grown upon. I always wanted to learn to play on intruments but unfortunately never really had the change for, except picking up a little drum knowledge. Since I remember I`ve been influenced by Techno music. I`ve started my producing career around 2002, because I felt that I had to make something lasting for the future generations and also wanted to make the Techno scene a bit better by giving something new, hence I stared using FL Studio. At the time, when internet was in its early stage in my area, in fact I didn`t even have my own computer, so obviously what I knew about music production back then, was coming from magazines and purely self-education. Because of this, my first projects sounded quite amateur but all the advices I was getting, were just enough to keep me going and keep improving. After the first few years I`ve tried almost all the most popular music making softwares (DAW`s) but I couldn`t find the freedom in them I was looking for, so I`ve decided to sticked to FL. After many sent e-mails and demos, I managed to get in touch with Mirzinho, owner of the legendary TechArt and Propeller Records. He was the one who gave me the first opportunity to have a release on his label (Norman Andretti – Back to Business EP). Then there was no chance to stop. I felt patronized and I think that`s one of the most uplifting feeling of this “job”. In a few months I got in direct contact with all the biggest names of the scene, which I`m really proud of. Style-wise I`d put myself to the edge of Funkytechno, Hardgroove and Percussive Disco Techno, but as I have to keep up with the trend I play and produce Tech-House and the modern, slower wave of Global Techno as well under my Quarill alias. Around 2011, I've been approached by Tim Catley (aka Tim C from the UK)to participate as a member of Corrupted Label Management and to be the A&R of his four labels, Corrupted Data, Corruption Records, Cosa Nostra Records and C-Sessions. Too bad, none of them exist by now, but not so long ago, accompanied with Ray Marshall (UK) and Rick Dyno (NL), we`ve taken over and looking after our almighty Keep On Techno Records which already had a few bigger hits on the market. I`m not really sure what triggered it, but besides Techno I`m also obsessed with broken beats such as Breakbeat and Drum & Bass. It amazes me, how complex this style can be, but it will take a long journey until I found my way to actually make it. We will see what 2017 is going to bring. As a DJ, I have had gigs in the Checz- Republic, Slovenia, Austria and quite a few in Hungary and I'm ready to focus to rock all the biggest Techno scenes world-wide.