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Over the years Keep On Techno records had the privillege to sign some of the best artists on our planet. Here is a short list of some of our personal favorites or you can check the complete list of people that released under our labels here:

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Founder of Keep On Techno records, Wyrus is one of those artists who never fails to deliver when it comes to techno. His style could be described as hardgroove, tribal, groovy techno. You should definitely keep an eye on this guy

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Andrea Signore

Belgian classic.... Stephane Signore, or as he is preffered to be called, Andrea is considered by the scene as one of the most considered techno producer/dj in Europe. His style is described as "unique" and inspired a lot of young talented producers like Reaky, Wyrus, Peppelino, Dj Cristao...

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Slovenia power !!! Veztax stands for techno in its most precious form. He’s respected as one of now nearly extinguished artists who prefer to walk their own path rather than following the herd. Working mixers and decks under his primary artist name or alter ego Glorio Veztacci, one thing can’t be denied: Veztax stands for energetic, uplifting, techno music and it’s not slave to any brand or trend in music industry.

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Ortin Cam

Ortin Cam got his first taste of techno during the nineties through the legendary “Teknoville” radioshow on Studio Brussel that brought the best underground electronic music of that period. At the dawn of the 21st century more releases followed on Pornographic, Invasion, Session, Traction, Corachi, Anlx, Bound, Highland Beats, In-Cycle and Sino’s sublabel Minimaxima.In those days, Ortin Cam played live exclusively, which he did often and to great acclaim at events and clubs such as Awakenings and Fabrik, resulting in a top spot at the 2006 I Love Techno festival. He was also asked to mix the accompanying compilation cd and to produce the anthem.

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Axel Karakasis

Axel Karakasis is the most recognisable Greek name in the Techno scene. His career is marked by a number of classic themes and a series of appearances that have established him as an international DJ. The rise to his present status did not happen overnight, but goes back to the 80s and the 90s, when Techno made its first appearance.

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Dj Misjah

The name Misjah has been synonymous with quality productions for over 25 years. An innovator, an inspiration and living legend to many.His professional career began in 1991 with releases under one of his alias's "Dyewitness". He has released on numerous labels including: Sony, Virgin, East West, Positiva, Low Spirit, Craft Music, Zync, Jericho, etc. Just to name a few. His tracks are being played by many high profile djs as: Adam Beyer, Sven Vath, Carl Cox , Judge Jules, etc.After 19 years of non stop producing he slowed down in 2008 to focus on his mastering work.